Tormented Battlemind from the Veil


Barakas is a battleworn looking human garbed in dented full plate and a beaten heavy shield. He wields a three-pointed spear and strikes with a speed that belies his large size. He is a stalwart protector of his allies, but he strikes fear into his foes with a glance when his eyes flare red with his anger.


Barakas hails from a part of the multi-verse known as The Veil. He grew up in a very regimented society, learning the arts of war from the moment he could hold a weapon. Gifted with psionics he soon learned to distract his foes from his allies during training, and grew to become respected amongst his peers. But psionics are as much a curse as they are a gift in The Veil. Each individual that manifests extraordinary mental abilities finds himself burdened with what has become known as a Tormentor. Looking to start his military career with as much fanfare as his training days, Barakas wanted to defeat his Tormentor very early, before it became very powerful. One night his Tormentor appeared outside where Barakas was garrisoned; beckoning, taunting, cajoling Barakas into a confrontation. He donned his armor and grabbed his shield, but before he could grab his accustomed spear his bunk mate whistled. Barakas spun around just in time to reach out and grab the silvery trident that his best friend, Zanayis, had tossed to him. No words were exchanged between the two as both had an understanding that transcended spoken communication. Zanayis nodded to Barakas, and Barakas nodded back. Then Barakas set out into the night to chase after his own personal demon. His pursuit led him deep into the darkness until a fine mist started to rise about Barakas’ boots. Just before he was about to give up his eyes adjusted in the darkness and he could see a figure wading through fog that was thick enough to part by its passage. Convinced he had found his quarry he leaped into action faster than thought and waded into the mists…


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