An ordinary guy with extraordinary powers


Corbin is a tall male human in his late thirties. Although his hands betray his life of labor, he is not exceptionally strong and has a slight frame. There is little remarkable about the man, until someone looks into his eyes – which convey a keen understanding and a kind soul.

He usually wears travelling clothes of mediocre quality and his few possessions are stowed in a worn backpack. Under his cloaks, a suit of scale armor can be seen. A large steel greatsword of fine craftsmanship is never far from his side, although he does not possess the bearing of one trained to use such a weapon.

During combat his appearance changes greatly – Light erupts from his sword that scalds his foes but is soothing to his allies. In extremely dangerous situations, he takes on an imperious aspect wit silvery light shining from his eyes, mouth and heart. He does not readily speak about these changes.


Corbin was an ordinary man, from an ordinary town in an ordinary world. He was from a small family and had no relatives left by the time he was in his late thirties. During the day he worked at a blacksmith’s shop helping to repair all manner of items that his fellow townsfolk needed. Although he had done this work for many years, he was not exceptionally talented and never made a name for himself.


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