Even when not carrying her tall staff, upon which is perched a startlingly striking white-eyed raven, Maera would be an imposing figure. She is tall, with severe but attractive features and inky black hair, often seen just peeking out of her dark cloak.


Raised by a coven based on the Eastern moors of Mordent, Maera never gave much thought to her family of origin. She was given to the sisters of the Dark Moon Coven shortly after birth, and so Maera’s fellow witches were the only family she ever recognized. Though the land of Mordent is cold and often ravaged by ocean winds, Maera developed a strong sense of place among the plains and heaths of her land. By the time she reached adulthood she was an established member of the inner circle, serving only the coven’s most elder witches.

On the morning before the Dark Moon Coven’s most celebrated festival, Maera woke to a strange silence within her sisters’ settlement. She walked out of her bedroom to find the members of her coven slaughtered, with no trace indicating who or what had attacked. Though she was horrified nearly to the point of madness, Maera took up all of her most essential magical tools and belongings and set out to the surrounding lands of Ravenloft. Along with her familiar, the Raven, her mission was clear: To find any surviving Dark Moon witches…and retribution for her fallen sisters.


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