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  • Corbin

    Corbin was an ordinary man, from an ordinary town in an ordinary world. He was from a small family and had no relatives left by the time he was in his late thirties. During the day he worked at a blacksmith’s shop helping to repair all manner of items …

  • Ezmerelda

    Because of her constantly changing nature, and her inability to stay in one place for very long, it is impossible to tell what her background actually is, the only one who knows is her, and she isn't sharing.

  • Barakas

    Barakas hails from a part of the multi-verse known as [[The Veil]]. He grew up in a very regimented society, learning the arts of war from the moment he could hold a weapon. Gifted with [[psionics]] he soon learned to distract his foes from his allies …

  • Hope

    Hope was born one half of a set of twins and the Plane of Dread hasn't been a very friendly place, so Hope seeks to fill her existence with whatever sensations she can find, which naturally has lead to a life of adventuring.

  • Maera

    Raised by a coven based on the Eastern moors of Mordent, Maera never gave much thought to her family of origin. She was given to the sisters of the Dark Moon Coven shortly after birth, and so Maera's fellow witches were the only family she ever recognized …

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