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This is the main page for the wiki of Ravenloft, What the Mist Takes. The information in the articles has loosely been pulled from multiple sources and been changed to fit my purposes. Each of the entries should be marked with one or more tags for proper cross-referencing purposes.

As such, some of the information may not be entirely accurate according to your understanding of Ravenloft. Due to WotC dropping Ravenloft after 3rd edition the game takes place at the end of the available information, roughly 755 on the Barovian Calendar. Entries should be updated shortly after each session with any new information.

Each entry in the wiki should be tagged using at least one of the following tags. A brief description of each tags intended use is provided as well. As new tags are added, existing entries should be updated as needed.

business: One of the many shops, stores or businesses in cities or villages.

city: One of the smaller cities in The Plane of Dread, typically part of a larger domain.

capital: One of the large cities in The Plane of Dread.

cosmology: Topics that relate to other planes of existence.

general information: Any page that contains information that is relevant to players outside of the game universe. Example: This page.

group: A collection of individuals with a common interest, background or other unifying factor that are not outlined by another more specialized tag.

history: Topics having to do with the history of Ravenloft.

item: Special and unique objects encountered by the party.

location: A specific location within a city, region or other area.

monster: Any identifiable distinct monster that has been seen by the PCs during gameplay.

NPC: Non-Player Characters; named individuals of importance who interact with the player characters during their adventures.

power source: One of the power sources that heroes and villains used for special abilities.

PC: Player Characters; the heroes of the story, both past and present.

region: A geographic region of importance such as mountain range, forest, or large gaping void of nothing.

setting: Any location where the PCs interact with their environment, NPCs or Monsters.

A great deal of the information here has been translated into a format that is more easily processed by my brain. This wiki supersedes all printed material for the purposes of this campaign only, although when not in conflict with printed material it can be referenced freely.

Main Page

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